Your child (Son / Daughter) is the most important child for you in the world irrespective of his / her merit or talent or level of achievement. This fact is recognized by us unlike other big coaching brands where talented or ranker students are focused while the rest ones get very average or poor attention. At Maxima, We are committed to provide the best of all- teaching, motivation, attention and monitoring to each of the students. Individual attention is given to each student irrespective of his / her capability so that students can have healthy development and don’t get demotivated.

We never increase the batch size beyond a limit. This helps proper student- teacher interaction. Maxima Concepts has currently a large pool of Permanent Faculties to provide inputs to students round the clock. Some of the faculties are living at residential career campus and are be available 24 x 7 even during the self study hours of the students.

Students to teacher ratio in Maxima Concepts is maintained at very healthy level and stands around 15:1. Each student is individually monitored for their progress as well as the difficulties that they might be facing. It could be lack of language, comprehension ability or other demographic or psychological or health issue.

We have imminent and successful personalities from various domain (Engineers, Doctor, Defence officers, Bankers, IAS, Pilots, Professors & research scholars, Writers, motivators) visiting regularly to share their success story to motivate the student.

The best motivator for students is their teacher. Teachers by helping the student to understand the subject in an easy and interesting way, motivate the student to compete against themselves.

The students are encouraged to read the biographies of successful personalities and case studies for self motivation. Maxima Library is having many books related to self improvement

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