All students are trained to imbibe the sanskara and human values vital for their success in life. The students are motivated to live on the principle of “what I am today as student and what I aspire to become is more important than how much money my parents have and what they will do for me”

Parents are suggested not to provide any luxurious object to their ward to promote the equality , sense of character and quality rather than sense of belonging of the objects and money. Any parent is an ideal and guiding figure for the student. Hence they should put in firmly in the mind of the student that only his hard work, honesty & focus will improve their life and not the parents riches and resources. They should not act even in private to encourage use of luxury and money to show off their lifestyle. Any signal of having financial or political arrogance and power to secure good career / Admission from parent can permanently damage the motivation of the student for persistence and hard work.

Morning Prayer is a must for each student. Muslims students will have dedicated place for their namaj. This will be followed by the “Pratigya recitation towards the goal of the student and thanks to teacher, parents & God” Festival will be celebrated in modest form promoting harmony with the Indian culture .



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